Rustic Winter Wedding Invitations

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I couldn’t have been more honored when my good friends Megan + Fabian asked me to create for them a one-of-a-kind invitation suite for their upcoming wedding. The second I heard of their rustic winter theme with touches of whimsy and sparkle, my mind was flooded with ideas. I developed this set to tie in all of the little details and nuances that the couple was bringing to their wedding, with an overall whimsical feel to match the personalities of these two.  The hand-painted winter accents and typography brought in a woodsy yet whimsical feel, along with the earth tones and neutrals. The flow of the invite was much more conversational than most – I imagined what these two would say to me (or any other family member or friend) if they were to invite me to their wedding in person, and used that as inspiration for the verbiage. Because these two are from different countries, have traveled across country to see each other, and both have fun-loving spirits, I knew we needed to incorporate the small paper airplanes – they became the perfect accent for the outside. Folding 200 mini paper airplanes probably wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, but was incredibly worth it – I can’t imagine these without them! The snow was the final touch to bring it all together. Hope you enjoy!

Meg + Fabian, I am truly honored to have created such a gorgeous wedding invitation for you both and I can’t wait to celebrate with you (and PHOTOGRAPH!) your wedding in just 9 short days! God bless you both!








With love,


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