Meaningful Holiday Client Gifts: A Blend of Creativity and Utility

Clients   ·   November 3, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, you’re posed with the exciting (or maybe dreaded) question… ‘What will we get our clients this year?’ I mean, how could they possibly need another branded tumbler or notebook? Ok, well then what might they like to have, or what might they actually use? We ask ourselves these same questions every year, and we’ve found that our sweet spot is coming up with gifts that are beautifully designed (directly ties back to our company’s purpose), meaningful (shows the clients we thought about them) AND provide them a use of some kind (brings them value). So we thought we’d share a few of our favorite client holiday gifts from years past in hopes that it might inspire you to think a little differently this year!

Holiday Recipe Cards

The holidays and cooking go hand in hand. Knowing how special this time in the kitchen is for most, we created a custom set of recipe cards for clients to document their family’s favorite dishes, while also sharing a few of our favorite recipes with them for trying this season. All recipes we shared included one unifying ingredient—cinnamon. So we decided to tie up a few cinnamon sticks and send them along too. We wrapped them up with a custom, black and white belly band and sent them in teal envelopes! 

Inspirational Desk Calendar

We all experience creative block. So we designed a desk calendar for our clients that didn’t just help them keep track of their days, but inspired creative exploration and encouraged thinking outside the box. Each month presented a new creative exercise or an inspiring resource to fuel their imagination. We sent the individual cards with a custom die cut, punch-out stand for sitting on their desk.

Holiday Coloring Cards

The holidays are a time for sharing joy with those we love. So we decided to give our clients a creative and fun way to engage the entire family in that process! With 4 unique, coloring book style holiday greeting cards, our clients got the chance to be become the designer and customize the cards with color and patterns of their choice. We left the insides blank for a special handwritten note and included envelopes for sending.

Holiday Gift Tags

Gift-giving during the holidays is an art in itself. To add a personalized and unique touch to all our client’s gifts, we created a sheet of custom gift tags for cutting and attaching to all their holiday presents. With a minimal and clean design, these tags complimented any style or color of wrapping paper perfectly and provided an extra layer of elegance. 

None of these ideas doing it for you? Consider creating a custom deck of playing cards, advent calendar, branded wrapping paper, or coasters for your clients—all of which can be custom designed to represent your brand but also provide them a use during the holiday season. Try to remember, it’s not just about the services you provide, but it’s about the relationships you create. We hope that these meaningful gifts were a symbol of appreciation and a source of joy for each and every individual during their holiday celebrations. If you’d like help creating a beautiful, meaningful, and useful holiday gift this year for your clients, we’d love to help.