Our Most Fun, Creative, Rewarding and Challenging Projects Yet!

Design   ·   April 6, 2020

The pace we all typically work in is forward focused and quickly moving. As this season has offered us the chance to slow down a little bit, we thought we’d take a moment to look back through our portfolio and share with you some of our most memorable design projects from the past few years. Each project we’ve taken on as a company has been unique and influential in its own way, but these four especially stand out as some of our most fun, challenging, creative and rewarding ones to date! 

Most Fun Project – Lily + Sparrow Boutique Visual Rebrand 

When I lived in Fishers, IN, the boutique down the street quickly became my favorite place to shop. So, when we began discussing a visual rebrand for their boutique, you bet I was in! The owners became some of my great friends, and our meetings felt more like coffee dates than business transactions. Not only are Jen and Steph insanely humble, hardworking, and kind, but they pour their heart into making women feel valued and beautiful, something I can absolutely get behind.

For this project, we created an updated visual brand that represents L+S’s growth as a company over the past 5 years. It reflects their approachable yet sophisticated and high quality clothing and their intentionality and care for the women they serve, which resonated strongly with me. We started with a new logo system, color and typography palette, and finished with packaging and business card designs.

See more of the project here!

Most Creative Project – Lessonly Branded Playing Cards

Designing a creative yet functional leave-behind for a trade show or event is always a difficult task. The Lessonly crew was headed to Vegas for a sales conference and we wanted to create a showstopper that both represented our brand and highlighted the theme of the week. We took a gamble on these playing cards and boy, did it pay off! With Ollie Llama as the focus (the company’s mascot and the very first project I ever worked on for Lessonly), I dove into designing both the standard front for the entire deck and the unique backs of each card. Ollie was decked out like royalty (pun intended) and designed into seamless and creative ambigram face cards that could bring excitement from around the card table!

See more of the project here!

Most Challenging Project – Indie Coffee Roasters Brand Identity

Coming in as the most challenging project I’ve worked on is surprising or not, the Indie Coffee Roasters brand. That’s right, my own company has been one of my most challenging. As a designer, I’ve built my career designing projects for my clients based on their own personal business goals, styles and interests, and I’ve always had someone to receive external feedback from, someone who calls the shots and gives the final approval on designs. When I was the primary critic, I wrestled with feeling it was not quite good enough, and that there was always something I could do to make it just that much better.

In the end, I couldn’t be happier with what manifested through my critical eye and refinement process. Everything from a logo system, packaging, products and swag, to environmental spaces, signage and website designs were created for a holistic visual brand.

See more of the project here!

Most Rewarding Project – Simply Do Goods Online Store 

It’s an incredible feeling when you get to play a role in changing lives, and our clients at the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) are doing just that. UHCCF had the vision of launching an online store to sell an existing line of children’s products that would generate profits to fund grants for families needing medical assistance. They approached me with the need for a vibrant sub-brand, website, and product photography that would help tell this story.

We started out with a name—Simply Do Goods— that described their mission, who they are and what they’re about. We moved into creating a visual brand identity that worked underneath the larger UHCCF brand and a user friendly online store. We made great memories bringing kids together for product photoshoots, where we played around with bright colored backdrops to capture the playful, lively and energetic new visual brand we were creating. These photoshoots helped us capture each of the store’s products individually, from stuffed animals and backpacks to crafts and puzzles, as a way to highlight the best of what the store has to offer!

Just The Beginning 

Just as we love looking back on the many projects that have brought great joy and furthered success to companies, so we look ahead with eagerness at the many opportunities we’ve yet to discover. Have you been considering a new website, an updated visual brand, or updated packaging for your products? We’d love to hear what you have in mind and explore the ways in which we can make that dream a reality! Click the link below to get in touch with us – we’re excited to meet you!