Website Client Feature: Remodel Health

Clients   ·   July 9, 2020

Based out of Indianapolis, Remodel Health is an innovative software company committed to helping small businesses, nonprofits and churches discover the best way to choose health benefits for their employees. They approached us with quite the problem – they didn’t feel like their current website best communicated who they were and what services they offered. With a tight budget and a quick deadline, we decided on a unique solution—the design of a new homepage and 3 additional page templates that were versatile and flexible enough to work across the site. And of course, a user friendly CMS was a must. 

As we dove into the project, we established our goals. A refresh to Remodel Health’s overall visual look, a more cohesive and clear brand message, and an easily editable website backend the internal team could navigate and update as needed. We dove into designing the  homepage, which was a key factor in explaining the how, who and why of their company in a straightforward and aesthetically pleasing way. We moved on to the remaining 3 templates with flexibility in mind, incorporating eye-catching iconography and their already-striking color palette to enhance the personality of each. This included a new product page, a new blog layout for sharing content, and general content page. We created responsive designs for each, as well as a web guidelines document for cohesion across the board.

With approval from their team, and the help of Andy at Keller Interactive, we got to work developing the site. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, both aesthetically and functionally. Now that the new website is finally launched, the marketing team is thrilled with the degree of access, usability and control they now have over their site.

Here are a few words from Natalie Wadley, Marketing Director at Remodel Health:

“Working with Jenny and her team was exactly what we needed to create our new site. We not only needed a refreshed look, but we also needed our site to flow better and be more functional on the backend. Jenny’s team listened to our needs and delivered us a product that does more than just look prettier. Our site is now incredibly easier to manage on an ongoing basis! We are so happy we chose to work with Jenny!”